They grow from1厘米到1.5meters in five months. Now they can become our new billion kroner industry.

"- We must dare to think new and big."

"- We set out one centimeter long seedlings in January. In late May, they reach 1.5 meter long and are ready to be harvested. It is absolutely crazy, says marine biologist Kaia Kjølbo Rød in Seaweed Energy Solutions to TU."

"By 2050, Norway can produce 20 million tons of seaweed at a value of 40 billion NOK. It is one of the conclusions of a SINTEF report on value creation in the ocean from 2012."

"- It is difficult to predict the future. But seaweed is going to be central to the green shift, says SINTEF's Aleksander Handå, head of a research group for seaweed cultivation at the Norwegian Centre for seaweed technology."


On Norwegian plates

"Ten years ago Seaweed Energy Solutions (SES) started researching seaweed cultivation in Norway. Last year was the first large pilot plant in the sea outside Frøya in South Trøndelag."


“这是我们收获海带的第二年,第一年我们向挪威市场销售海带。今年,我们会在挪威餐馆和其他市场中找到我们的海藻,SES,Jon Funderud董事总经理说。”ldsports体育资讯

"Smalhans is one of Oslo restaurants that put Frøya-kelp on the menu this year. The seaweed also goes to companies that further refines it to everything from pesto to kelp salt."

"Some kilos are going abroad, where cosmetics manufacturers will use seaweed extracts in skin creams with active biological components."

Started from scratch



"The seeds are sown onto the rope which is in open seawater tanks. Here they sprout and grow from single-celled spores to one centimeter seedlings within eight weeks."

“ - 它可能听起来很容易。但是当我们开始于2006年开始时,挪威没有人培养了海藻培养。我们努力找到最好的收获时间。有很多与水处理和控制培养方案有关ldsports体育资讯。我们在SES的海洋生物学家说,我们从划船开始.KajaKjølboRød。“


"In China, Japan, South Korea seaweed cultivation has been driven primarily for food and fodder for many decades. Here the kelp industry is bigger than farming."

“亚洲方法需要大量的劳动力和are poorly adapted to Norwegian salary levels. The methods are not appropriate if the goal is to produce much larger volumes, like the billion-scenario assumes."

"In Norway there are so far over 30 licenses granted for seaweed cultivation, where SES has the largest one. How many of the licenses are in use is unclear, but most of the activity shall with some exceptions be through small players in the startup phase."

"SES is involved in a lot of research projects, including a three-year project partially funded by Innovation Norway, to show that it is possible to conduct large-scale seaweed cultivation in Norway."

1吨海带= 70升

"Seaweed Energy Solutions really began as a research project for the cultivation of seaweed for energy purposes, with support from the Research Council, Innovation Norway and the EU."

"Kelp contains a lot of sugar that can be fermented into bioethanol and biogas, as well as other components that can be used for numerous things, such as supplements and pharmaceuticals."



"And even when this is in place, bioethanol and biogas may only be a small part of the value chain around the raw material, if seaweed becomes a Norwegian billion kroner industry, according to a SINTEF report."


“ - 肯定有20年,直到我们为基于海藻的生物能源建立一个有利可图的植物。但是在那里,我们可以创造许多令人兴奋的产品,相信Funderud。”ldsports体育资讯


“ - 在Kelp的经典生物遗料中,我们将首先取出高档产品,例如药品,保健品,生物活性化学品,食品成分和食物。然后原料可用于制造肥料,生物塑料和生物能源说,领导研究员达到了。“

“ - 只有在生产卷如此之大时,废物造成显着的产出,人们可以开始思考生物能源的盈利生产。”


"Funderud believes the biggest challenge lies in cultivating seaweed in a smarter way than today. Success requires both new technologies, mechanized harvesting and cultivation farther offshore."

“ - 我们必须开发可以在大型栽培农场处理的船舶和设备。大型载体将被拖入船上,海藻可以刮掉。我们已经开始了机械化的比赛,但这是卷的长路ldsports体育资讯有数百万吨。今天我们用水产养殖的船只与水产养殖说。“

New, effective methods

"Handå from Sintef leads a knowledge platform for seaweed cultivation, Macrosea. With 25 million NOK from the Research Council they will develop biological methods and technical solutions for developing industrial cultivation of seaweed in Norway."

"Another research project, Promac, has received 35 million NOK from the same place to look at methods for efficient processing of seaweed for food and feed production."

"- We must streamline kelp production to be able to produce large enough volume. That applies to the entire value chain. We work both to develop onshore and sea sites adapted to Norwegian conditions for facilitating industrial production of biomass with stability and good quality, says Handå."

- 更自行


“ - 这是熟悉的海藻种植成为挪威行业,在205ldsports体育资讯0年产生了400亿吗?”

"- It is difficult to predict 25 years ahead. But the food production we will come to need globally, could push the use of soy protein used widely in fish and livestock production. Here, feed ingredients from kelp can be part of the solution, says Handå."

“研究经理[Handå]认为挪威必须在未来变得更加自足,而他也认为消费者行为的变化将导致生产的增加 - 以及从海中使用可再生资源。”

"- Billion-predition is of course an estimate. But I have faith that there is a basis for a new industry. We must dare to think new and big. Everything is about prioritizing and organizing, says Handå."

(translated from original article)